Giddy Up, Bronco Billy! Jeff Browning Interview

San Diego 100 Race.

Jeff Browning gets a well deserved low five from a litt girl after winning San Diego 100 again. Photo: Jeff Johnson

Welcome to the Footfeathers Show here on Elevation Trail.  I’ve been following this guest since I ran my first ultra.  He’s tough, he’s fast, he’s competitive, and he’s a super nice guy.  It’s a pleasure to have Jeff Browning on the show.  We have a great conversation, in which he talks about how to run 100 miles with some entertaining and valuable insights.  I hope you enjoy it because I sure did.

Jeff Browning – June 26 2013

3 thoughts on “Giddy Up, Bronco Billy! Jeff Browning Interview

  1. Nice interview. I agree with pretty much everything Jeff et al had to say. Everything from pacers to the importance of finishing because you’re accountable and its not just you that pays the price when you have a family. I especially like Jeff’s strategy, know exactly what you need before you get to the aid stations and be efficient.

  2. Hey Tim..
    I really enjoy the elevation trail podcasts!!
    Great to listen to on road trips. Keep them coming and have an awesome race this Saturday.


  3. I’m just a hack recreational runner and family man, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a favorite ultrarunner that I follow. Jeff Browning is that guy. He oozes cool and balances his priorities with successful racing. There’s a lot of depth to an individual like that. Thanks for putting out this podcast Footfeathers.

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