Underrated Dream Crusher

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for our next show when I talk with someone I consider the be one of the most underrated elite ultrarunners in our sport today.  Can you guess who it is?  Who do you think is the most underrated elite runner?


Our next guest isn’t too shabby on a bike either!

Check it out this week!

14 thoughts on “Underrated Dream Crusher

  1. And we have a winner (of what, I’m not sure). Yep, Mr. Jeff Browning. He and I are recording the show tomorrow night, so I’ll be well into happy hour – expect more inane dialogue, even more than usual, from my side.

    So, if anyone has specific questions he/she would like me to ask Bronco Billy, let me know. He’s been one of my ultra idols for a long time, so I’m Pretty fired up to have him on the show.

  2. It was great to see him at Ice Age. Love to hear his thoughts on that race, as well as other races he looks forward to running at some point…and his favorite races that he has run.

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