FM Show: Race Recaps, FKTs, Course Records



Welcome back to the FM Show with Footfeathers and Matt.  Jam packed show covering some stunning performances over the weekend, including Transvulcania, Ice Age 50, Quad Rock 50, FKTs being broken, course records going down, and Matt even talks about The Hobbit a little…
Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 7.44.44 AM


15 thoughts on “FM Show: Race Recaps, FKTs, Course Records

  1. As I posted elsewhere, I would love to see Anton change his travel plans and run Zegama.
    I also think it is interesting that the two people who only recently hopped off of their ski-mo skis won their respective races at Transv.

  2. unless I’ve missed something, you guys have totally changed your tune wrt Killian. too funny.
    cute hats btw 🙂

    • You’ve missed something. This conversation’s been going on for a while not to mention we liked KJ’s chances in La Palma.

      Buy a hat?

      Thanks, Christina.

  3. Can we assume that this edition of Elevation Trail was not brought to us by Ultimate Direction, fine makers of the AK “Astronaut Pack.”?

    On a serious note, perhaps Sage was taking a cue from Dakota’s run last year. Jones ran with a pack and handhelds, which was uncharacteristic of him. I’m pretty sure he ran with less during his two Hardrock finishes. It worked out for Dakota, however: he won and set the (old) course record. Killian lagged behind, dehydrated. I don’t know why Dakota didn’t rely on aid stations. Not accustomed to European Aid Fare? Perhaps Sage was thinking along the same lines? Usually Sage runs with a single handheld it seems, so I’m not sure why he switched that up here.

    • Guy, I thought the same thing with regards to Sage’s emulation of Jone’s approach in ’11. But even then, I don’t think Jones was sporting the nippled nightmare 🙂

  4. Footfeathers and Matt,

    I have really enjoyed your podcasts!! I listened to 3 yesterday in the truck during a long drive. Trucker hats are awesome!!

    Tim – Hope you are doing great. I think I am just as excited about your leadman race as you are!! Looking forward to your outcome!!


  5. Most important, Footfeathers said “protruding nipples” in this podcast. Thought I would point that out.

    I also noticed Sage’s funky hydration system. However, my guess is that the bottles had straws in them so that he could simply suck the water out without having to remove them.

  6. The high fat diet is interesting. I remember, while breat feeding both of my children, that the fat in my breat milk was the most important element in my childrens development while they were infants. I’m sure using careful thought as an adult training for ultras a high fat diet can be quite beneficial. In fact, I think the East Africans diet might could be considered high fat. I know they drink a lot of milk and use a generous amount of oils in their cooking.

  7. Just really quick. Sage wants to make a living at running. He has publicly said he has no aversion to shamelessly plugging his sponsors, Ultimate Directions being one. He had posted on his website prior to Lake Sonoma that he intended on wearing the Anton Kupricka signature series Race vest by UD.

    I find all of this interesting because talent aside, his personality is is so wrapped up in who he is as a promoter that he seems distant from the other runners. (not that matters with regard to finishing times)

    Note: 2nd place went to a guy with a pack and trekking poles, and Nuria’s middle name may as well be ‘Buff’ 🙂 … and no, I won’t have a ‘protruding nipple’ reference with regard to Nuria

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