FM Show: Recap of the “Spoof” show (gotcha!) and Preview of Transvulcania

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 2.51.10 PMHow about that show on Monday?  Wasn’t it just a fun hoot?!  Gag.  Hope you enjoy today’s real FM Show this week where we discuss the purpose behind Monday’s spoof, our “agenda”, the real preview of Transvulcania, and a brief overview of the Quad Rock 50 Mile.

21 thoughts on “FM Show: Recap of the “Spoof” show (gotcha!) and Preview of Transvulcania

  1. Early on you mentioned “what the defination of cometeitive?” IMO you answered it when you quoted the guy that said Sage and I taking off for the CR, join us if you’d like. Who didn’t crack a smile when they heard that?

  2. I thought your “spoof” show was a little too light, but I felt that some prior shows were too snarky. I hope you can find a nice middle ground somewhere.
    Also, I would love if you’d stop talking about how much “analysis” you do and just go ahead and do some analysis. You guys have some good valid points of view here that should be heard but it can get lost in all the snark sometimes.
    Best of luck.

    • I had only listened to the first half of the podcast when I made the prior comments. But the Transvulcania coverage was excellent. Well done!
      Just settle into the format. Dial back the harping on other podcasts. Let them do their thing and just get on with producing a good show.
      I can see the potential in your show. Keep it up.

  3. When AK got second to Kilian last year at Cavalls del Vent , AK admitted that Kilian was just playing with him. Nevertheless my now slightly revised picks are:
    Kilian, Anton, Heras, Canaday, d’Haene, Cameron Lorbkachet, Campbell, Olsen
    However, you both made very good arguments for Canaday FTW and for placing Anton lower. In fact a good argument could be made for placing Kilian lower as he was Ski-Mo racing last week!

    Also, I read the RunTramp interview and I was a little put-off by Cameron’s interview. I think he tried very hard to put himself on par with Sage (how many races has Sage won compared to Cameron in the last calendar year?) and to speak for Sage. Not sure if Sage plans on taking off from the get go. It appears that Sage is getting smarter with every race. Cameron is a killer runner who is capable of winning just about any race he runs but he didn’t get Dakota’s record in his last race and I doubt he get his record in this one.

  4. Tim and Matt,
    I agree with Greg W. Stop trying to justify what you are doing at the beginning of every show. I actually like the alternative viewpoint of the show. However, I struggle to ever make it through the first 10 minutes because it seems like you are always playing a defensive role in what you are trying to accomplish. People are either going to like or dislike your podcast. Just get on with it.
    Todd G.

    • You asked for comments, so here’s mine. I totally agree with Todd…just do it. Love the show format and do like listening to the “other” side of things.
      I agree that it would be so cool to see AK win this weekend (not gonna happen, at least yet), but I’ll be at Quad Rock running my own 50 and won’t be thinking of some race far away 😉
      Keep the controversy going!

  5. Good one guys. When I listened to the spoof episode I was a bit confused. I thought that perhaps you had a change of heart and decided to be happy carefree ultrarunners. Then it got me concerned that perhaps I was the only trail curmudgeon left. Well, thank goodness you’re still curmudgeons like me. The world needs people like us. If no one in history ever questioned the status quo where would we be? As for those that see the trend of elite runners slowly declining/exploding after a few years of intense racing and training and don’t look deeper or question it, these people dumbfound me. I’m concerned about my long term health and I look at elite runners like the guinea pigs for the rest of us. Sure, everyone is different, but not THAT different. There is a science called biology and it’s not theory, it’s a science we all have to play by those rules. Why go see a doctor if we’re all so different and everything is a study of one?
    As for your applauding the IAT50 RD for letting in Zach Bitter at the last second, I have a bit of a bone to pick with that one. I love Ice Age. I’ve ran it twice and come in the top 5 females both times. I was really excited to run Ice Age this year and when the race opened up for registration I was online signing up so I could have my spot secured. Unfortunately, I got injured in Feb and knew with taking all that time off I wouldn’t be able to hit my goal of being top 3-4. I wrote the RD told him about the injury in March and asked for a transfer to next year if it was possible. I got no reply to that email and a second one but my name was removed from the runner list and other people were let in. I know I’m not elite, but I always finish well at that race, better (comparatively) then most of those elite men that were let in after the race was full. I would love to have the luxury of simply training and signing up for any old race I feel like when I’ve peaked, but that’s not the reality of the situation for even an above average runner like me. I think Tim (Mad City RD) is right for not letting Zach into the race. Sure, his race might not have been the most competitive this year but it is the 100k championship and has to hold to some sort of legitimacy.

    • On the issue of elites getting injured:

      Professional road runners get injured all the time. They are pushing the limits to try to be the best in the world. They run huge mileage. I don’t see the difference with professional ultrarunners. Ryan Hall had to pull out of a few races (marathons) and is now going to run Bay to Breakers 10K because of injuries. Just scale the numbers a little and that’s like an ultrarunner doing a 50k rather than the big 100k. It happens all the time. Training and racing is learning to push our limits. Sometimes we push too far.

      Also, people have a lot of different motivations for running the trails. Some want to race, some want to compete, some want to enjoy a beautiful day on the trails, some want to meet new people through shared suffering. Who are we to say that any of those reasons is any better or worse than the others? There is room in the sport for all motivations just like in triathlon, marathoning, cycling, swimming, etc.

      • I don’t question anyone’s personal reason for running ultras. I just don’t like it when mine is. There are several times, more often than not, that when I tell people that I race ultras and I put 100% into my races that other ultra runners tell me that “Well, I like to have fun at the races that I do” As if having “fun” is the ultimate goal and my goal of pushing myself is less than theirs because I’m being competitive and being competitive is bad in ultrarunning for some odd reason, especially for women.

    • Thanks for the comment, Sarah. So, I’m guessing Jeff intends to roll your entry over to next year and simply overlooked emailing you (giving the benefit of the doubt here as a race director myself and knowing Jeff). Still, I hear you loud and clear. I wanted to get in to Leadville once it was “sold out” and contacted them. Granted, it’s not that impressive but 15th overall the previous year should add to the “competitiveness” of the race in my mind and I’ve heard they’ll basically let anyone in right up to start time. No dice for me. I was a little ticked about it, which was compounded when I found out others got in after my request was denied.

      Good for the Mad City RD for sticking with the registration rules. I guess I was mostly surprised that he wouldn’t let Zach in even though he only had a handful of registrants. Pretty interesting short series of shows would be to interview a few RDs from different regions of the county. Thanks again.

      • I’ll give Jeff the benefit of the doubt. I understand he might be busy, but I would have appreciated some form of reply.
        I love the idea of interviewing a variety of race directors. When I first got into ultra running I had an argument with a Hardrock committee member on the ultralist. I thought that the race should do away with pacers in order to let more people into the race since the BLM only allowed a certain amount of people on the land for an event. They calmly explained to me the philosophy of Hardrock and that it’s not really a race so much in the committees eyes, and that really they don’t care how many people get in, and that the race will always be a small, intimate affair. I was fine with that, but not every race out there has as much transparency as Hardrock and it’s hard to tell what the intentions of the RD is all the time.

  6. Anyone surprised that AK got a case of the flu and scratched Transvulcania? He seemed pretty healthy in the iRunFar pre-race interview. Smells fishy to me.

  7. good podcast, but I feel like a stooge for commenting on the last one now. Re the more rapid turnover of leading elites, isn’t this a natural progression of the sport, and not just burnout? More breadth in the elite category as the sport grows more popular, more sponsorship $ to woo over fresh post-collegiate track/road runners like Canaday and Clayton, etc? I’m curious how sponsors view this turnover too, whether they prefer runners to have a longer and clearer stay in the limelight for stronger athlete/company branding. It seems we’re not going to see anymore of a Scott Jurek-like reign of 6 WS wins.

    • Anyone who reads your thoughtful comments knows you’re not a stooge, Nicole. Awesome that you brought up the topic of sponsors in relation to the longevity of the runners. You can bet I’ll have a show(s) regarding sponsors coming up. Gary David had some very interesting topics and questions about that for us to discuss next time I drag him into the studio.

  8. Just got back from a run where I listened the both recent podcasts. The first one finished and all I could think was how lame and un-interesting it was. Almost didn’t listen to the second, but then I did and heard the catch. I’d agree with others (Todd, et al)- no need to justify your critical take on the sport. We enjoy it, so keep it up. It’s no different than all the Monday morning quarterbacking we get from the NFL, etc.

  9. Re: the last show. When Matt goes, “Yeah, I really want to learn more about the ladies,” I have to admit I laughed so hard I almost impaled myself with my knitting needles 🙂

  10. Just catching up on your shows. I like your critiques and analysis as the sport is growing rapidly and the players are changing. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on a controversial topic that isn’t being touched upon in-depth in other podcasts, PED’s. This would be an interesting conversation in light of Natalia Volgina’s positive dope test result.

    Have at it!

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