FM Show: Miwok, Transvulcania, Fun on the Trails

Welcome back to Elevation Trail and the FM Show with Footfeathers and Matt.  We chat about Miwok’s 60k alteration and podium finishes, Transvulcania taking place on the beautiful island of La Palma, and some other great news items in our awesome sport.

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8 thoughts on “FM Show: Miwok, Transvulcania, Fun on the Trails

  1. Environment? Are you kidding me? Since when has a bunch of people running on trails messed with the environment. Too much foot traffic? Oh no, what’s going to happen? The dirt trails are going to get more dirty? Really? I went hiking with my family the other day and decided to take off down a flowery hillside off trail and someone yells at me that we are supposed to stay on the trail. The guy was so mad that he ran(on the trail which snaked up switchbacks going up to where we were sitting) just to lecture us about the rules. I saw signs that said no picking of wildflowers. Seriously? Like people are going to pick all of the wildflowers in this 1000 acre park to the point where they wont be able to reseed themselves? I have tried this before on my own lawn, I picked all of the dandelions, each day, for a month, and it didn’t put a dent in them, they just keep coming. Ridiculous. I think people just make stupid assumptions that they can’t back up with any evidence, just so they can come up with more rules and ruin the whole thing. No wonder people stick to their TV sets, there is no more fun to be had on the trail…

  2. The thing I appreciate about Leor’s trips, and what challenges me, is that (even though I still don’t have a handle on how he pulls off the logistics with a FT job) his adventures are something any one of us in the Bay Area could do (albeit much slower).

  3. Tim, you mentioned Southwest was currently running great specials to fly out to Colorado. I cannot find this special anywhere and need to book SFO (or OAK) to DEN. Do you have a link?

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