How to Cope with Pain

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Welcome back to Elevation Trail and the Footfeathers Show.  In this show I have a professional master of pain joining me to discuss chronic pain and how it relates to the pain we endurance athletes encounter both during races and afterwards.  Lara Harris-David is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts and, among other things, gives us some strategies on how to cope with pain.  Sit back and listen or download to your ipod for your next pain-free run.  Please comment with your opinions on the show, suggestions, and personal strategies on dealing with pain.

3 thoughts on “How to Cope with Pain

  1. I think that one advantage older ultrarunners have over younger ultrarunners is experience with pain. As we get older and experience pain (both generally in our lives and in the distances we run) we are able to understand it, deal with it better next time, and even draw motivation from it. I like how the peak age for this sport isn’t 20, and I think that has a lot to do with our understanding of pain as we get older.

  2. This is a great topic. I was recently diagnosed with a labral tear in my hip and I’m now doing PT for it. I’m still doing a little bit of running and every time I see my PT he asks how my run went and how the pain was. I tell him that it still hurts but that it’s better. He then tells me that the goal is not to make the pain completely go away because with a labral tear it wont, but that the goal is to limit and deal with the pain so that it becomes manageable over time. I think this has been the hardest for me, getting used to a new base line of pain on a regular basis. I do keep on comparing things to years past thinking I can get back there again, when I should be grateful for the capabilities that I still have.

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