Podcsat 1 – Our Introduction

WELCOME!  Ok, maybe that’s a little too exuberant…  But we are really excited to kick off Elevation Trail and our first podcast.  Don’t worry, this first one is on the lighter side and intended to be both an introduction to Elevation Trail (the migration from Inside Trail Commentary) and to us, Tim (Footfeathers) and Matt (needs a nickname).

We are begging for comments, questions, opinions from you.  We’ll address many if not all of your comments in future podcasts because that’s what we’re hoping to create – a forum of discussion where we have fun, open up some new topics, and dig deeper into current topics.  We hope you enjoy the podcast below!

Elevation Trail Podcast et-1

From GZ:  “You can still subscribe to it in itunes using the Subscribe to Podcast menu option and entering in the XML RSS address feed” https://elevationtrail.wordpress.com/feed/

thanks GZ!

12 thoughts on “Podcsat 1 – Our Introduction

  1. I like where it’s going guys. Especially good considering you’re not in studio together (you’re not, right?) That’s tough to do!
    Your discussion of MUT running sounds a lot like Evan Hone’s old posts (that’s a huge compliment) and I’m anxious to hear more.

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  3. Fantastic! I love that you guys are bucking the trends in ultrarunning. That you’re not afraid to upset the big wigs in the sport. Speaking of: could you guys talk about drug use in ultras. The only thing that people have talked about on podcasts and blogs is that “every elite runner is sooo great and would never take performance enhancing drugs” I think that’s naive. Looking at the recent article in Outside about drug use on Everest and the fact that even amateur bikers are getting caught doping now, I think there needs to be a serious discussion about the matter. I also think it’s suspect that some of the elite runners in mountain ultras say they would never do a USATF ultra championship. Is it because they would have to be tested? I think these are questions that need to be asked

    • I second this. Another issue that doesn’t seem like it’s been tackled is a hard look at the impact of major sponsors. Maybe it’s all positive, but they seem like such a major force at play in terms of the future and landscape of the sport, and I have yet to read anything that examines their impact objectively. This issue may also tie-in to drug testing, for obvious reasons. Also, an ongoing debate I’ve had for awhile with a friend is whether women ultrarunners should be performing more on par with their male counterparts, even at the elite level. He says “yes” and that there’s no excuse for them not to be. Also, severe lack of diversity in ultra/trailrunning….why? do we care? Also, stratification of the sport of ultrarunning. It seems like the gap is widening between elites/ elite-wanna-be’s, and all the rest of us…is it natural progression of the sport, self-definition bn the ultra community and its elites, or ?

  4. Enjoyed the intro and look forward to more, tho’ next time I’ll make sure my 3 & 5 YO are not within earshot lest the their mouths start repeating “m” words they have not heard, but enjoy repeating… oy.

    • Ha! Yeah, my 6, 8, and 10 yr olds were in the room when the “m” word dropped, but they didn’t pick up on it, lol. Loved the rest of it, though!!

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