Looking Ahead from a Weekend of Running

I have been missing in action.  You might say I’ve been in the basement, recharging my batteries.  The family went on a late September vacation to make-up for very little summer travel (other than the kind one does with a child playing on a soccer “traveling” club), and to celebrate my wife’s birthday.  A lot of fun.  We went to Maui, so now the clan is back to working our tails off and stuffing whatever coins we can find laying around into our proverbial piggy bank.  Send donations because the Copelands, Longs and IT are broke!

But we’ll survive.

I was able to get-in a few runs while in Maui.  This is part of me regaining my running routine and find some trail racing later this fall/winter to get my ass ready for 2012.  Injury is like the tax man: unless you have a good plan and perhaps heed the advice of sound professionals, the injury tax-man comes every year to taketh away.

A pic or two of some running in Maui, with the camera settings all screwed-up.  Definitely enjoyed some heat training over there.  The last time I was in Hawaii was 2008 when I celebrated my 40th B-day and ran in the Xterra World Championships.  It was the inaugural WC, which takes place on Kualoa Ranch on Oahu where they have filmed such things as Jurassic Park.  I met Ben Bruce and Max King there.  Xterra has pretty much become the home of some of King’s yearly high-lights, in fact nabbing another National Championship recently in Utah.  King and Bruce had a fierce battle that year way off the front.  I caught-up with Bruce at the after party.  It’s been fun watching him compete pretty successfully over the last few years in national and international track and cross-country.  But my point here is the Hawaiian weather.  September is still summer, hot.  The Xterra WC are in December when the weather is perfect.  So Maui last week was conducive to sweating-out all of the Maui Brewing Co.’s Big Swell IPA that I was pouring into my system, enjoying a relaxing time with the family.

The Mahana Ridge Trail in Maui

Here in San Diego, there is a little racing this weekend.  I actually had a nice run this morning up at Morley Field in central San Diego, in sight of down-town San Diego.  The facility there has a velodrome and a few nice trails upon which one can create all kinds of loops, get in some rolling stuff, a little climbing, flat grass and dirt.  This is where a cross-country track has been marked for years, where the San Diego Track Club organizes several of its races, as well as San Diego high schools when they hold large invitational meets.

This morning I saw the Ursula Rains Balboa Boogie 5k underway as I was wrapping-up my morning jog.  This is the 33rd running of this event, so it’s an oldie but goodie here in the San Diego running scene.  Tomorrow, I will take my run to the outskirts of Escondido where the Dirt Devil Racing Series continues with the Raptor Ridge Half Marathon.  I will not be racing, but certainly arriving to see if I can help, perhaps sneak-in some trail recon and follow the racers to Green Flash Brewery for the awards ceremony.  You’ll want to catch our weekend race recap this week for the sake of my review of some craft beer.  Tremendous stuff.

Beyond this local action, obviously runners are doing damage all over the map.  Tim did a great job of previewing some of the 100 mile action happening at Grindstone and Slickrock where he himself is getting gutted and filleted.  Tim also previewed Dick Collins Firetrails 50 miler.  If you haven’t seen them, check out his reviews here at IT.

And what else is happening at IT?  We’ll actually be doing some gear review.  I have a couple of pairs of shoes I’ll share with readers.  Took one pair on its maiden voyage today.  Stay-tuned for the shoe reviews along with some running threds that we’ve decided might be worth trying-out for our review section.

The Skyrunning World Cup is in a few weeks, so that will be looked at, perhaps putting the sensationalized Jornet DNF into perspective along with continuing to preview trail and mountain racing all over the map.

We are definitely excited to see the USATF MUT nominations announced.  Next week we’ll dive into that to see what people are thinking about in terms of those recognitions.

Lastly, as the winds of change continue to swirl throughout the ultra landscape, we’ll continue to explore that narrative.  I have reached-out to some folks for insight on such things as the WS100 RD search.  We’ll continue to talk about all of that, for sure.

We hope your weekend is a big dirty-up-and-down affair.  Take care!


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