Silverton 24, 48, 72 hour and 6 Day Wrap Up

Silverton 1000mi, 6 Day, 72, 48, 24 Hour Event 2010 (photo

Matt, the other half of Inside Trail, has some distinct feelings about the insanity of some 100 mile races. So, when I told him about the Silverton events going on over the last week, he could only shake his head. Running around a one mile loop for 24, 48, 72 hours, or 6 days can seem mind numbing but that’s exactly what competitors did for the last 6 days. The event wrapped up this morning with Roger Wrublik of Colorado completing 311 miles in the 6 day event, Dennis Drey won the 72 hour event with 138 miles, William Murphy took the top spot in the 48 hour event with 104 miles, and Ken Webb won the 24 hour event with 50 miles. The seemingly modest mileage for the wins is a testament to the altitude, 9,300 ft, and the climb of the course, 235 ft per lap.

To put it in perspective, compare it to the sister event Across The Years held around the new year. The respective mileages are 50%-150% higher over the 24-72 hour events on the flat Arizona course at 1,150 elevation.

There were no entrants in the 1,000 mile event.  Go figure.

Across The Years in Arizona (


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