UTMB 2011: Follow it Live

Follow all the action in one place. Watch the comments here on this post as well and please add your thoughts. We’re excited about this and are settling in for the duration!

UTMB 2011 at Inside Trail

4 thoughts on “UTMB 2011: Follow it Live

  1. Yeesh. As I finally turn to sleep, my pick looks pretty whimsical, not so much by the current standings, though last I checked Roes is 23rd; instead it’s more the front that looks young and fast. The States have one lone Wolfe trading blows at the front and I see a Clark at 12, Jurek at 16 and one young Jones creeping into the top 20.

    Good luck, runners! See ya mañana.

  2. Odds are he’s the guy. I was definitely trying to infuse some excitement into my UTMB viewing experience (plus makes for some prognostication intrigue). But, the picture I saw about an hour ago of the 3 three white “horsemen” galloping at the front. Looked like a Salomon add. In fact, it is.

    Again, good stuff, David T.

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