Rules, Cheating, & Vigilantes


Kip Litton, the infamous marathon cheater.

Rules are a necessary evil in sports. They can bog down the fun but they can also set clear standards that we must follow to be sure we’re all playing the same game in the same manner. Without official rules, participants may become vigilantes and begin self governing or policing in various ways.

Colin Reuter is one person who stuck his neck out to bring some sort of justice to a race where he found interesting data after suspicion was raised about a fellow competitor. The saga played out on his site HERE.

So, Join Gary David and me, Tim Long as we chat about the need for some rules to validate a sport.

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Mike Aish – Welcome to the Jungle

aishJoin us today as we welcome Mike Aish on the Elevation Trail show with me, Tim Long and Gary David. Mike is fresh off his fierce run at the Leadville 100 where he ran the fastest split ever over the last 13.5 miles (1:49!!) to catch and pass Ian Sharman for 2nd place. We also talk about Mike’s move to the US from New Zealand, running in two Olympics, and a bunch of other great stuff.

We also chat about the fact that winner Rob Krar ran off course and wonder what the implications and solutions are for that little tidbit. Is our sport too loose to care?


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Living the Leadville 100 Run – Brandon Fuller

Brandon on Hope Pass in 2011.

Thanks for joining us today on Elevation Trail as we welcome the honorary Mayor of Leadville, Brandon Fuller. We chat about how to run the Leadville 100, how NOT to run it, living in Leadville and lots of other things.

You can learn more about Brandon and get some awesome info and insight into the race at his website

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Meaning of Rewards and Risks

Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride. The first climb in the Telluride 100 MTB. Photo: Jeff Kerkove

Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride. The first climb in the Telluride 100 MTB. Photo: Jeff Kerkove

With Gary’s near bursting ego after winning the (CAT 3) State MTB Championships of MA, we didn’t have room to fit a guest in the studio, so we hope you enjoy our conversation today on what rewards and awards mean, whether it’s cool for Kilian to “play” around during races, and the risks we take to enjoy competition, and my 100 mi MTB race this coming weekend in the San Juans.

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Telluride 100 – Tobin Behling

Photo courtesy of Landon Monholland of Over The Edge Sports in Fruita, Co

Ah, the San Juans in summer. No better way to enjoy them than signing up for a 100 mile race. The Telluride 100 features 100 miles of MTB fun just one week after the Hardrock 100 run. You’ll be drunk off altitude and delicious beer.

Registration link:

Facebook page:

THE website (that Gary David guilted Tobin into completing)…

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Scott Kummer – Fueled by Burger King


Scott Kummer relaxing during a race.

Here on Elevation Trail Gary and I talk a lot about the make up of the sport of Ultrarunning in terms of the participants. The bulk of the runners aren’t the scrawny 20-somethings we typically see perched atop the podium. They are mostly like the guy we have on the show today, Scott Kummer. Listen in on a fresh perspective that enlightens even the darkest caves of the ET show’s hosts.

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Trans-Sylvania Epic Race – Michael Wissell

michael wissell tsToday on Elevation Trail Michael Wissell joins us to talk about his experience in the Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage Race that took place last week. Sounds like a well organized circus with pro athletes and Whoopie Pies. And…Gary now has chickens.

We cover everything from nutrition to the mental aspects of racing ultra-endurance events. Thanks for listening!

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